The shows that the Club attends play a very important part in publicising the Club to non-members.  They are our showpiece, our shop window if you like, the way in which people find out who and what we are and what we do.

We hear many people giving reasons for not attending shows such as " Who wants to look at my old wreck" or "I can't talk to people" some people even find these things boring.  Well if you are one of these people here are some good reasons to change your minds and attend.

  • It's a cheap day/weekend out for you and your family (you could save up to £35.00)
  • You can show off your pride and joy (It doesn't have to be in showroom condition)
  • You get to meet lots of different people
  • At one show in particular you get to demonstrate just how good your Land Rover really is  (and show up all that foreign junk)
  • The entry fee that you have saved can be spent on your pride and joy or beer.
  • You give something back to your club without expending too much effort.
  • There is usually one person who approaches us at every show wanting to sell various Land Rover parts. (You may find that    illusive part you've been searching for)
  • You are not expected to spend all day on the show stand.  (A couple of hours is all we ask).
  • You will make your Club show co-ordinator deliriously happy.

Be assured that your mud splattered, well worn, dented vehicle will be of interest to someone.  It will not be long before people are asking you " Where can I buy one", or "How do I go about joining".  All you have to do is respond to their enquiries in an enthusiastic manner or point them in my direction if they wish to join there and then.

Any organisation requires a regular influx of new blood in order to survive as they bring fresh enthusiasm and new ideas which allow us to progress and develop the Club rather than stagnate and stand still.

So next time your show co-ordinator asks for some willing volunteers for a show remember you have the opportunity to put something back into the Club and save on the entry fee at the same time.  It isn't hard work, in fact it can be a very enjoyable, worthwhile and beneficial experience.

So go on make a weekend of it, bring the family, enjoy the show and contribute at the same time.